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alt textAF_modulesModules made by Attila Fustos /tranceinstitute2002/emusic/yogibear (all the same person)

[Uploaded by tranceinstitute2002]
alt textDAV ModulesModules based on the Delphi ASIO & VST Open Source Project

[Uploaded by cwbudde]
alt textDVR Modulesmodules created by dover

[Uploaded by doversemailguy]
alt textEVMunreleased Etric Van Mayer's module

[Uploaded by mbreges]
alt textJBM modulesModules crafted by JoBro Media.

[Uploaded by johan_brodd2000]
alt textMildon Modulesmodules created by Mildon

[Uploaded by mildonm]
alt textMS_ModulesSE Modules created by Nick Morgalla

[Uploaded by moreregen]
alt textRalph Cronin's MIDI SEMssome MIDI

[Uploaded by ralph.cronin]
alt textRJ_ModulesSome modules by Rick Jelliffe

[Uploaded by rickjelliffe]
alt textRoyTech ModulesModules by Lee Louque

[Uploaded by djleroy432]
alt textScoofster_ModulesModules by Peter Schoffhauzer

[Uploaded by sc00fster]
alt textSL_modulesModules by Simonluca Laitempergher (q_blow)

[Uploaded by q_blow]
alt text(SEP modules) Controller_Switch_and_CC_Invert.zipTwo SEP modules: Controller Switch, maps one controller to another; CC_Invert, inverts vaules of all midi cc (to be updated...) - source code included

[Uploaded by ziokiller]
alt textAnalogue_Filter.zipGenerates lowpass filter coefficients to plug into Biquad or MultiFilter by David Haupt. Uses a tweaked version of the "Analogue" filter algo included withToby Bear's Filter Explorer vst.

[Uploaded by platinumears2002]
alt textezmath4.zipEZMath4 : Many math modules in one

[Uploaded by brian_vanderburg2]
alt textFluteDelayLine_V1.1.zipPhysically modelled flute .sep module based on Perry Cook's flute model (v1.1 - fixed denormal problem)

[Uploaded by dhaupt72]
alt textGraphIt.rarDraw Graphs to export for use with Memory32

[Uploaded by greeffbf]
alt textiir.zipsecond order iir filter with freely assignable coefficients

[Uploaded by yrlindner]
alt textLopassDelay2.zipThis is a delay with a lowpass filter in the feedback chain; mono, pingpong and pannig stereo modes, distortion, reverse mode and host tempo sync. Sources included. Have fun! :-)

[Uploaded by ziokiller]
alt textLP_Gap.zipLP-Gap.sem by Lance Putnam

[Uploaded by balderson04]
alt textmeter_ballistic.zipMeter Ballistics module - added switchable linear/dB output, updated algorithm

[Uploaded by zillamarc]
alt textMicrotonal_Tuner.zipAllows the use of tunings other than equal temperament.

[Uploaded by platinumears2002]
alt textML_Env.zipexponential ADSR module (alpha-version) by Martin Lueders

[Uploaded by m_l_2003]
alt textmoog_vcf.zipSimulation of Moog Ladder Filter VCF. Same code I did for the Model E. Very good pitch tracking of resonance, self-oscillation stability.

[Uploaded by zillamarc]
alt textNote_Quantise.zipQuantise Pitch CV's to user definable scales / arpeggios etc.

[Uploaded by platinumears2002]
alt textol_sstk.zipOLSequencer modules... plus demo... includes slide function

[Uploaded by methypnox]
alt textRBJ_Filter.zipCalculates coefficients to plug into D.Haupt's Biquad & Multifilter modules. Includes mono & stereo prefabs.

[Uploaded by platinumears2002]
alt textrms-and-meter.zipupdated RMS detector with att/rel (dB out) and Meter Ballistics(VU,PPM,Peak,Headroom) (fixed <0 input bug)

[Uploaded by zillamarc]
alt bugs fixed!) accurate RMS detector with programmable attack/release times - good for compressors, etc.

[Uploaded by zillamarc]
alt textScale_Quantise.zipQuantizes pitch signals to a range of diatonic scales

[Uploaded by platinumears2002]
alt textTarrabia_Filter.zipMultimode filter based on algo by Patrice Tarrabia

[Uploaded by platinumears2002]
alt textU-MathEv v0.3.zipA Math Expression Evaluator. For SE 0.88

[Uploaded by unkargherth]
alt textU-Random-1.2.zipUpdated to SE 0.88

[Uploaded by unkargherth]
alt textVolt2Freq.zipconverts volts to KHz

[Uploaded by platinumears2002]
alt textxb_DoubleclickReset.zipDouble click reset 32-bit and 64-bit versions updated with Dynamic Linking

[Uploaded by xenobios]

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