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alt textxoxos .se1 files[Uploaded by kff25xo]
alt textAlternativ DHmatrix input.se1Inspiration

[Uploaded by ljudnrd]
alt textClock_Shuffle.zipSimple way to "swing" a clock signal

[Uploaded by platinumears2002]
alt"No-Osc" Osc

[Uploaded by ikaldor]
alt texte-phonic vocoder.rare-phonic vocoder.se1 -> 8-band robot vocoder with SE file.

[Uploaded by thepieman_2002]
alt textNo-Ocs-Synth-2.zipwith correct tuning

[Uploaded by ikaldor]
alt textPanflute_se1.zipPhys Mod Flute thing

[Uploaded by ikaldor]
alt textRamp Shaping.se1Shapes a ramp in 0-10 range

[Uploaded by aainslie]
alt textSequencer_Kit.zipSequencer Development Kit

[Uploaded by platinumears2002]
alt textSimple Tuned Comb.zipSimple Tuned CombFilter (Delay2) with VoltToSec Prefab

[Uploaded by ikaldor]
alt textsoftkneeexample.se1Soft-knee compression example - you'll need EZMath2, dB to Voltage and Volts to dB

[Uploaded by audioiain]
alt textSquareOsc.zipSimplest possible osc with the feedback delay

[Uploaded by ikaldor]
alt textsympho-new.zipstring with tuned comb filter

[Uploaded by ikaldor]
alt texttoyclav-new.zipclav with tuned comb filter

[Uploaded by ikaldor]
alt textTutorial on hardware emulation.docHardware emulation by lluka

[Uploaded by llukaxx]
alt textU_Vowel Five Beta.ZIPA quick little test using Unkargerth's already wonderful vowel modules. It uses a control or the Mod wheel to sweep between each of the five vowel sounds. Thank U!

[Uploaded by zip_oleighter]

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