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alt textvarious pictures (or files) about the last SE bugssorry I cannot upload pictures in topics, Yahoo bugs...

[Uploaded by kx77vst]
alt textUPLOADED MODULESupload and download all your useful modules it will help everybody

[Uploaded by 4lwfywbrk77ub6zde4gsani3wppfsmhtlmoatyeu]
alt textTutorial Files - for experienced users.se1 files demonstrating advanced modular synthesis techniques and the use of 3rd party .SEP modules

[Uploaded by collusioninc]
alt textTutorial Files - for beginners.se1 files demonstrating basic applications for beginners

[Uploaded by kf25xo]
alt textTempTemp stuff only please

[Uploaded by evmsynths2000]
alt textSynthWizardsprojects created in Synthedit "missing skins'

[Uploaded by methypox]
alt textSyntheditmasterguy's Piano'sI will be posting my Piano VST's in this folder

[Uploaded by syntheditmasterguy]
alt textSWAVS-Wave format Modules

[Uploaded by ralph.cronin]
alt textSub-ControlsExamples of how to use the Sub-Controls for various things

[Uploaded by evmsynths2000]
alt textStereo Multi OscillatorMultiwave Stereo Oscillator with the famous Supersaw included

[Uploaded by mastrcode]
alt textSteinberg stops VST2[Uploaded by michaellou260]
alt textSkinsSkin files for SynthEdit projects.

[Uploaded by collusioninc]
alt textse1 Synths Ready For Use_Put any .se1 or .zip files of Synth Edit synths in here. Note-This doesn't include VSTs

[Uploaded by phatsynthguy]
alt textse1 Effects ready to useSE isn't just for synths! (note: se1 files only no VSTs)

[Uploaded by zillamarc]
alt textSE TranslateUse your own language as SE menu language

[Uploaded by vesperain]
alt textSE Creations SE1 _______JP SE Se1 Files Testers & Info

[Uploaded by jamespearl101]
alt textPrefabsUseful prebuilt modules for SynthEdit projects.

[Uploaded by collusioninc]
alt textPitch Bend Noisenoise/ clipping during pitchbending

[Uploaded by synthipippo86]
alt textPauls Graphics N .se1 filessome of my SE stuff that might be useful

[Uploaded by paulmartin505]
alt textOthersFor non-SynthEdit but related files

[Uploaded by ikaldor]
alt textModules3rd party addon .SEP modules built with the SynthEdit module SDK

[Uploaded by unkargherth]
alt textinternal clock tests[Uploaded by gromozhekka]
alt textInformation Text FilesA folder for people to put text files of useful information, such as harmonic frequencies arrays, note value to volts, etc...

[Uploaded by benalthauser]
alt textGUIBUGGui bug found in Orion & Receptor

[Uploaded by watawaste]
alt textExample soundsShow here your soundexamples of the vst's you've made :) The synthedit samplebank!

[Uploaded by sirsicksik]
alt textEVM[Uploaded by etric_van_mayer]
alt textCollaborate_SynthEdit Users Group collaborative projects

[Uploaded by collusioninc]
alt textBlackWinny[Uploaded by blackwinnyfr]
alt textBetas and TestersThis is for SynthEdit users to help others during a synths lifecycle

[Uploaded by resofactor]
alt textBeginners Project Sharing areaThis folder is for the people who are new to synthedit and want to Show what they made to the world ;)

[Uploaded by syntheditmasterguy]
alt textAttachmentYahoo does not store email attachments any more - store them here!

[Uploaded by timosandholm]
alt text64-Bit Modules[Uploaded by michaellou260]
alt textxFaCe8.ziprandum8

[Uploaded by notch2notch]
alt textWaveCalc 1.0.zipExpression calc which saves the curve in a .wav file

[Uploaded by ikaldor]
alt textvoltmeter.zipvoltmeter prefab + skin

[Uploaded by y_riyadi]
alt textvcredist_x86.exeworks for SE 1.1 on XP SP2

[Uploaded by mbreges]
alt textUnison XB-EVM.zipUnison example using unison fix with standard SE modules. Originally by EWM modified modified by xenobioz

[Uploaded by xenobioz]
alt textUngated_Sample-And-Hold.sepOld (2003) S/H module by Thorben Schulte.

[Uploaded by audiosaucer]
alt textTramp4.zip4 Operator FM Synth.. somewhere between DX7 and TX81z.. Includes several custom made modules.. ( 4 level EG's - 8 Algorithm 4 osc module.... keyboard scaler..LFO with delay.. etc) Read the included text files for more info. Enjoy.. Butch

[Uploaded by littlebossman2000]
alt textSynthipippo86 Bsp 2x3 Display.rar3x2 Display WITHOUT PatchMems; WHERE should I drop the PatchMems, that the PatchAutomator recognizes the right constallation saved in the patch ??!?

[Uploaded by synthipippo86]
alt textSynthedit-for-bookexamples.zipSchoffenhauzer_Haupt Wizoo book examples

[Uploaded by synthipippo86]
alt textstepseq_v0.902.rarRozzer Step Machine is midi loop sequencer, in the style of a classic analog step sequencer.

[Uploaded by methypnox]
alt textsoloing.se1Solo and Mute button from drum seq

[Uploaded by ginocote]
alt textsocket.se1Uncontainerize - Socket

[Uploaded by efmsynth]
alt textsetup.exeSE 1.1 setup

[Uploaded by mbreges]
alt textse_v1.1xxx_backup_cleaner.batSE v1.1 backup cleaner, delete "backup" inside the current folder AND sub-folder

[Uploaded by opsis_novaflash]
alt textSC7 Editor.zipExample use of DH_SysEx, DH_MIDILister etc. Includes Skinfile.

[Uploaded by audiosaucer]
alt textSC-7 TXT-files SEs Mainfolder.zipBelongs to the SC7 Editor.

[Uploaded by audiosaucer]
alt textRunBeerRunExcite.zipTreble exciter SE 1.0

[Uploaded by runbeerrun]
alt textRelaxation.se1Sawtooth to relaxation oscillator waveform convertor.

[Uploaded by rbrooks2006]
alt textRe-Op1.PNGRe-Op1 FM Bass Mono Synth

[Uploaded by jamespearl101]
alt textRe-Op1 V1.PNGRe-Op1 Update / Skinned with Rectangles Only :)

[Uploaded by jamespearl101]
alt textPitchSplitterV2V3.zipUpdate Versions of PitchSplitter.. less CPU usage.. See SE files to see how to use them...

[Uploaded by littlebossman2000]
alt textPitch Divide.se1Traditional footage divider

[Uploaded by brooks.richard2008]
alt textPitch Divide 2.se1Pitch Divider test

[Uploaded by badoeynhausen2002]
alt textPan_As_Pitch__Width.se1'Pan as pitch' example with a width knob.

[Uploaded by mbreges]
alt textPan_As_Pitch.se1using pitch as modulation source for panorama

[Uploaded by mbreges]
alt textmonomix.zip1 in 2 out

[Uploaded by ikaldor]
alt textMIDI_Switches.se1MIDI switches 2>1 and 1>2

[Uploaded by mbreges]
alt textloWLfo2.ziprebuild thinking synthedit :D

[Uploaded by notch2notch]
alt textlow lfo.zipsynced lfo no osc

[Uploaded by notch2notch]
alt textLimitListChoices.zipExample of comma limited list choices

[Uploaded by poly4tune]
alt textLFO.se1A feature rich LFO prefab I made. Any bug reports or tips would be good. It uses SE_VOLTS for the rate ("Pitch")

[Uploaded by lusseberg]
alt textLED selector.zipLED selector

[Uploaded by rbrooks2006]
alt textKX-MidiSel.zipA simple midi selector with an All Note Off send when you select the output (to avoid blocked midi notes)

[Uploaded by kx77vst]
alt textKnob_Number.zipthis knob show number as frames

[Uploaded by y_riyadi]
alt textKnob Demo.rarHow to skin knobs differently and how to animate knobs via a external trigger

[Uploaded by mchannemann]
alt textKeyCalc.zipA Util to calc SE voltage, Freq & Midi value from given Key. FREE

[Uploaded by greeffbf]
alt textjull_flipflop.se1flip flop

[Uploaded by y_riyadi]
alt textjull_arphonez.se1arp modul

[Uploaded by y_riyadi]
alt textIcha_Loop.zipLoop For(x) Equation, uses EVM Logic Modules and DH- Match & Min Gates

[Uploaded by ichadc12]
alt textGijsMyFM.zipFmonizer -make 2osc's modulate on "freqentie and or amplutide bases" sounds AdlibFmish see the disclaimer and HelpMe picture for info

[Uploaded by gdm_seluve]
alt textFX Processing.rarTMatic FX Processing Unit

[Uploaded by djtransmatic]

[Uploaded by ibalthor]
alt textEMS VCO1.se1EMS type Variable hysteresis audio VCO

[Uploaded by rbrooks2006]
alt textDH_SysXTool working BETA.zipDave Haupts SysEx Tool

[Uploaded by audiosaucer]
alt textDH_BreakpointInput.semOld DH_BreakpointInput v1.0.2+

[Uploaded by audiosaucer]
alt textDH_BooleanAnd_buggy.jpgDH_BooleanAnd - screenshot when placed in SE1.1860

[Uploaded by danot73]
alt textDH_BooleanAnd.pngDH_BooleanAnd - screenshot from website

[Uploaded by danot73]
alt textDelayModValues.se1A table of values for Delay to be in tempo with the host program

[Uploaded by mbreges]
alt textDelay.se1basic stereo sync delay

[Uploaded by mbreges]
alt textconceptual advancement.se1a conseptual model

[Uploaded by skunkworksben]
alt textcompressor.zipaudioiain's compressor se1

[Uploaded by audioiain]
alt textColored Peak Meters.rarColored Peak Meters

[Uploaded by djtransmatic]
alt textbutton_stack_1.0.zipButton stack example made with sub-controls.

[Uploaded by mbreges]
alt textarpeggiator.zipAuto-triggering arpeggiator

[Uploaded by rbrooks2006]
alt text_ _ FILE AREA USAGE NOTICE _ _[Uploaded by collusioninc]
alt text8stepseq.se1simple 8 step sequencer

[Uploaded by mbreges]
alt text4 Sub-controls CPU TEST.se1Render to VST: Run CPU test by automating the 4 sub-control simultaneously

[Uploaded by plutoniq9]

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