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alt text16_Step_Var_Seq.zip16 Step (syncable) sequencer with variable output

[Uploaded by mbloos]
alt textbrainiac2.zipYup, it's another brainwave thingy! "thingy" a word commonly used in the tech world?

[Uploaded by Hockinfinger]
alt textCarnitaur.se1Carnitaur VSTi -- Final Beta, looking for patches

[Uploaded by exuyangi]
alt textKnob.zipDemo of automation techniques using MIDI Munger and MIDI Switch modules

[Uploaded by dhaupt72]
alt textLFO.zipAn improved LFO prefab

[Uploaded by protohelfy]
alt textschleck_fm_1.0_rom.se1se1 file, schleck fm

[Uploaded by amiga909]
alt textSterBinO.ZIPStereo Binary Oscillator

[Uploaded by zipoleighter]
alt textUltradiaRough.zipFirst stab at ultradian rhythm/brainwave entrainment SE1

[Uploaded by taygrey]

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