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alt text1000Ex.zipAttempt to create a Synth with the 8 bit arcade sound

[Uploaded by Didinefirst]
alt textBoombaxx 1.zipA simple 2osc synth

[Uploaded by Boombaxx]
alt textBooMbAXx MK2.zip303 style synth with LFo,flanger,echo and clipper

[Uploaded by Boombaxx]
alt textBoombaxx Sine synth MK3.rar4 sine synth with reverb,10 band filter and lo-fi

[Uploaded by Boombaxx]
alt textCONFORM.exeConform v.002 VSTI Zipped (no doc yet)

[Uploaded by doversemailguy]
alt textDark1.zipDark1- a simple pd synth capable of some interesting sounds

[Uploaded by willone92865]
alt textInfinity.zipInfinity- delay based ambient effect

[Uploaded by willone92865]
alt textLandOfCockaigneComplete.7zComplete Land Of Cockaigne plugins package - 7-Zip compressed file.

[Uploaded by collusioninc]
alt textmorph-coder.zipMorph Coder (vocoder insert)

[Uploaded by resofactor]
alt textORGANized09.zipORGANized v0.9b - Tonewheel organ simulator with vibrato/chorus, tube amp and rotary speaker

[Uploaded by ziokiller]
alt textPHATy.zipMy First VST Synth, its an alpha and very buggy, but sounds great.. i think.. and don't mess with the "PHAT Formula" as it will possibly crash your machine, otherwise have fun.

[Uploaded by mossie420]
alt textPuretone.zipA warm sounding 3 oscillator VST synth

[Uploaded by Toneworkin]
alt textS-O1.exeHELLO WORLD... build this in think 15 hours, including learning se, first timer. It's ... a synth .. haha. selfextracting rar. not flawless, but doest crash my cubase either. and sounds ROUGH! very ... specially the destruction paths will kill any harmonic :)

[Uploaded by Corretje666]
alt textsawbox.zipImproved version;fixed GUI

[Uploaded by mandiblais]
alt textschleck_fm.zipSchleck FM synth

[Uploaded by amiga909]
alt textsump003.exeSump update .003

[Uploaded by doversemailguy]
alt textXMOD1.zipCrossmodulated synth for ambient pads

[Uploaded by willone92865]

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