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alt text4StageLooper.rarLooper for Live-Performance. An Effect but an Instrument too.

[Uploaded by frank_trossen]
alt textbeaStereo160.se1Simulated dbx160 compressor but stereo. Needs RMS detector and UMath sep's.

[Uploaded by zillamarc]
alt textDynamEQ.zipDynamic low / high shelving EQ. Requires U-maths module, RMS detector & Biquad.

[Uploaded by platinumears2002]
alt textmarcSHFilter.se1a wacky stereo sample/hold filter - turn your speakers down!

[Uploaded by zillamarc]
alt textSC-C9 prj files.zipThe SE files, if anyone...

[Uploaded by luridogabibbo]

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