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alt textMMISynths I am working on.

[Uploaded by rezinunts]
alt textSirSickSikSirSickSik's demo's, try-outs and problem-childs

[Uploaded by sirsicksik]
alt textAT2beta.dllLooking for some beta testers for my vsti... compatibility, bug checks, ect... 2 oscillator synth, each with sub-osc // one VCA envelope for each osc /// 2 multimode filters // 2 LFOs with yamaha CS style mod knobs a their source destination

[Uploaded by billchanxtr33m]
alt textdualslider.zipDual slider test thingy

[Uploaded by jabatheslut]
alt textFloat Breakdown (Bug Test).se1I've corrected some problems with the first "Float Breakdown", but I'm puzzled by a bug which affects numbers with "50" in them above 1000....weird yes.

[Uploaded by plutoniq9]
alt textPD303-Multichannel with Input.se1Demonstrates unusual routing behavior

[Uploaded by rubik909]
alt textRWH_semitone.zipSubcontrol not setting to correct default. Instructions included. Help?

[Uploaded by freendeed_42240]
alt textWheger_Pez_Inc-Delay_LFOCalc.zipA simple VST plugin to calculate Delay or LFO times based on the Host BPM or one entered manually.

[Uploaded by orgnyaz]

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