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alt textVirus Oscillator WaveformsWaves of various Virus Oscillators

[Uploaded by watawaste]
alt textcomparatorprob.jpgis this readout correct?

[Uploaded by twocircuits]
alt textDW8000_concat.rarthe dw8000 waves, just in one file

[Uploaded by xxx_hardcor3]
alt textHz2seV.zipa little app for converting hertz to synthedit voltage values

[Uploaded by kff25xo]
alt textlicense.txtEnd user license agreement template for your plugin installers.

[Uploaded by johan_brodd2000]
alt textmicrowave.rarThe Waldorf microwave waves, concatenated

[Uploaded by xxx_hardcor3]
alt textMIDI Control CodesA listing of MIDI CC's

[Uploaded by richrd_p]
alt textP-600 Factory Patches.xlsThis is an Excel file of the Prophet-600 Factory Patches.

[Uploaded by yellowjacket1956]
alt textPhaseDistortion.gifAbout Phase Distortion - cut and pasted from the Casio CZ500 user manual

[Uploaded by guidogoe]
alt[1].zip&itn=1As the Trentsoft page seems to be down, heres a link to a shareware site hosting TrentStitch. Useful for making img sequences for custom controls.

[Uploaded by bindingvoid]
alt textq1.jpgSE quiz1..... read next email

[Uploaded by ikaldor]
alt textsq80_concat.rarthe sq80 waves just put together

[Uploaded by xxx_hardcor3]
alt textSQ80_raw_wav.zipThis time as WAV

[Uploaded by midiworks2]
alt[Uploaded by thokede]
alt textSynthedit Prefabs or VST NFO Template.nfoTemplate for NFO file included in prefab or VST distributions. Just fill in the blanks.

[Uploaded by toda_v]
alt textTheAbyss.zipMy Version Of freeverb lots more control

[Uploaded by dazmusic2000]

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