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alt text4-2-2_Modular_Mixer.zipa Simple 4 Channel Mixer with Routing options. Put in Prefabs/Mix

[Uploaded by project_x_vst]
alt textADSR_4_Methods_2005.zipWorks. Use it. Thanks.

[Uploaded by doversemailguy]
alt textAllpass Native.se1Allpass delay with native modules

[Uploaded by aainslie]
alt textBasic Step Sequencer.zipSimple 8 step sequencer

[Uploaded by typetosmurky]
alt textBasic Synth.se1A very basic synth to get people started.

[Uploaded by Grogmaster]
alt textBPM_to_Delay.zipa simple BPM 2 Delay prefab made with standard SE modules

[Uploaded by project_x_vst]
alt textbuldin bloks.zipA few basic building blocks for beginners (analogue synths)

[Uploaded by digimanse]
alt textcutoffisFun_.se1Example of how a stereo filter will affect your stereo image depending on conflicting frequencies

[Uploaded by twocircuits]
alt textLED_Peak_ Meter.zipHow to use an LED as an "Over" meter

[Uploaded by platinumears2002]
alt textMultimeter for Synthedit.zipA useful configuration to gauge signals during the design stage.

[Uploaded by toda_v]
alt textPos-Neg-ADSR.se1Demonstrates positive/negative ADSR (useful for filters)

[Uploaded by guidogoe]
alt textrestrict.se1Simple example of restricting list entry

[Uploaded by erici44]
alt textRestrict_Choice.zipHow to customise the osc waveform list

[Uploaded by platinumears2002]
alt textStereo_Bypass_Switch.zipHow to configure one switch for stereo bypass

[Uploaded by platinumears2002]
alt textsubPanelExample.se1Sub Panel Example

[Uploaded by nobarcode]
alt textSwitch_On_Off.zipA basic on-off switch to interrupt a voltage signal flow. Made with standard SE modules.

[Uploaded by project_x_vst]
alt textSynth_FX_ContainerStructure.zipHow to set up sub-containers to allow a poly synth to feed mono effects.

[Uploaded by platinumears2002]
alt textThe Modular Book [url]A good read for anyone interested in the specifics of modular synthesis and design.

[Uploaded by toda_v]
alt textTootsynthandhelloworld.zipThe tut. synth, and 2 hello world programs. Public Domain.

[Uploaded by doversemailguy]
alt texttutorial.zipcomposite wave tutorials for the synth geek gods. need help. can i add PWM?

[Uploaded by resofactor]
alt textVelocity2Amp.zipHow to add velocity sensitivity to an (amp) envelope

[Uploaded by platinumears2002]
alt textVoltageToListDemo.se1Easy Many-->1 Voltage to List setup using AutoList Values module

[Uploaded by dhaupt72]

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