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alt textall OSCs pAn example to help the "solina" guy

[Uploaded by meesteric]
alt textben's shared projects[Uploaded by benalthauser]
alt textCuttlefish VocoderA sample vocoder primitive.

[Uploaded by simonecuttlefish]
alt textlaserbeak43's folderpatch banks, synths etc....

[Uploaded by laserbeak43]
alt textOB-X Emulation[Uploaded by guitarbro6530]
alt textanalogish.se1Controllable analog-like waveform shaping

[Uploaded by twocircuits]
alt textDopp.se1Dopplered white noise

[Uploaded by ikaldor]
alt textDoppwithpan.se1ik's se1 with panning

[Uploaded by oli_larkin]
alt textGroovy.zipsample based drum sequencer with simple probability parameters, and timing offsets for each step.

[Uploaded by platinumears2002]
alt textLEAD - PERFORMER.fxpJust a patch for Ionic Performer VSTi

[Uploaded by ginocote]
alt textLocksmith.zipMIDI Performance Sequencer.. ne1 want to skin it 4 me?

[Uploaded by platinumears2002]
alt textPhaser test 2a.se1Stereo phaser test block. This came about after someone posted about how to make a simple phaser.

[Uploaded by brooks.richard2008]
alt textRetrigger.zipADSR retrigger problem

[Uploaded by rbrooks2006]
alt textvoltage.se1Analog emulation on a saw wave/lowpass filter w/ random 60hz cycle + noise generated to small voltage fluxuations

[Uploaded by twocircuits]
alt textwibbletronic-osc-v01.zipWibbletronic Ocsillator - to test/play

[Uploaded by simonecuttlefish]

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