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alt textAB.se1control B offsets control A

[Uploaded by mkjnovak]
alt textAhh-Eee-Ooo.zip16 sines sing ahhh-eee-oooo :)

[Uploaded by simonecuttlefish]
alt textalpha juno saw wave DCO.pngRoland Alpha Juno DCO Saw waveform with PWM on the Saw wave

[Uploaded by resofactor]
alt textAppendToFilename.rarExample using DH_Append to add different extensions to file name from a file dialog

[Uploaded by dhaupt72]
alt textBasic Knob.se1Attempt to replace SE slider knob, not working as hoped :(

[Uploaded by typetosmurky]
alt textbistable-chain.zipbistable multivibrator (flip-flop) chain

[Uploaded by ikaldor]
alt textblakeeffect.se1Blake effect (Cant get it to show up as VST)

[Uploaded by unseendanger]
alt textblakeeffect_r2.se1Blake effect rev2 (should work now?)

[Uploaded by d_ffect916]
alt textBPMEnvRate.se1ADSR Rate Calculator Linked to BPM

[Uploaded by unkargherth]
alt textBPMEnvRate2.se1Version 2 This one has no limit. It uses the Module u-MathEv.sep version 0.3 ( )

[Uploaded by unkargherth]
alt[Uploaded by mbreges]
alt textControl Panel Problem.se1[Uploaded by mbreges]
alt textControl_Panel_Problem_edited.se1[Uploaded by mbreges]
alt textControl_Panel_Problem_edited_GUI.se1[Uploaded by mbreges]
alt textcounter X.zipcounter with looped sample and hold

[Uploaded by ikaldor]
alt textCrash-Test.se1example for crash in SE 1.12

[Uploaded by m_l_2003]
alt textEnvSeg_ADR.zipADR env generator built with EnvSegs

[Uploaded by dhaupt72]
alt textFB-comp-delay.se1Compenstating for the delay in the FEEDBACK DELAY module

[Uploaded by audioiain]
alt textfeedback-delay-running.jpgfeedback delay module not sleeping.

[Uploaded by simonecuttlefish]
alt textFloat Breakdown (Bug Fix).se1Fix/workaround to Float Breakdown.se1

[Uploaded by audioiain]
alt textforlalo.se1acts as a bpm gate for midi in, ie quantizes for lalo

[Uploaded by andrew794939]
alt textFourier Tuner.se1Tuner for use in FM Synths

[Uploaded by jim_mertes]
alt textHPF_cpu.se11pole highpass filter, weird cpu usage behavior

[Uploaded by barendbb]
alt textHPF_cpu2.se1[Uploaded by sc00fster]
alt textIADSR.PNGExample of IADSR EG

[Uploaded by jelliffe_rick]
alt textkeyboard_panel_test.se1example of switched panel keyboard - freezes SE on my PC :-(

[Uploaded by danot73]
alt textKeyFollow.PNGVariable key follower example

[Uploaded by jelliffe_rick]
alt textKeyfollower.zipKeyfollower to manipulate e.g. Attack and Decay depending on Keyboard Note. Adjustable (pos/neg) Amount and Keyboard Keys. Centered on middle C.

[Uploaded by steinund]
alt textknob&reset.se1Knob with reset, LED lights when at reset point

[Uploaded by audioiain]
alt textLFO_activity.se1[Uploaded by mbreges]
alt textlinking_adsrs.se1[Uploaded by mbreges]
alt textList Limiting Illustration.jpgShows a method to limit the choices in a list, which simultaneously limits possible automation values.

[Uploaded by rubik909]
alt textLLSyncedSampler .se1A synced live sampler (using DH SampleSnatcher II) showing some SE weird timing issue..take a look if you can

[Uploaded by lalo_xyz]
alt textMary_xfade_SE1.zipMary's Xfade Circuit - BPM locked!

[Uploaded by weblicker2020]
alt textmemoryhog.pngMemory Use Problem group message attachment

[Uploaded by simonecuttlefish]
alt textmetronome.se1simple metronome structure

[Uploaded by mbreges]
alt textmidi guitar.mida short six track midi guitar example

[Uploaded by samuraipizzacat29]
alt textMIDI Switch Example.zipLimiting and Customizing Choices with a MIDI switch

[Uploaded by dhaupt72]
alt textMIDI_Start_beep.se1[Uploaded by mbreges]
alt textmidicc22knobs.se1[Uploaded by mbreges]
alt textMouse-over.zipMouse over changes animation position requires David Haupt's sub-controls

[Uploaded by audioiain]
alt textMultisample Demo.zipSimple Demo of using MIDI Filters to play WAV samples by key range

[Uploaded by dhaupt72]
alt textno-trigger.zipSynthedit 1.1780 1) ADSR2 user to modulate pitch 2) "Midi to CV" gate out connected to "1 -> Many" switch 3) "1 -> Many" switch connects to ADSR2 Gate and Trigger inputs 4) It works when "1 -> Many" out set to ADSR2 GATE in. 5) When "1 -> Many" connects to ADSR2 Trigger in, there is no effect at all. 6) Directly connecting "Midi to CV" gate out to EITHER ADSR2 Gate OR Trigger input works fine. How can I make this switchable, and have both options working please?

[Uploaded by simonecuttlefish]
alt textnonlinearvoltagetolist.se1example of the non-linear behavviour of the voltage to list/many to one combo

[Uploaded by rectorcummings]
alt textnonperfect-square2.se1[Uploaded by barendbb]
alt textnonperfect-square3.se1[Uploaded by barendbb]
alt[Uploaded by bayantheone]
alt textnumbers.se1Using quantisation to get 1's 10's and 1000's

[Uploaded by audioiain]
alt textPagedPanels.se1dsp and gui solutions

[Uploaded by mbreges]
alt textPanel_Switch.se1[Uploaded by mbreges]
alt textpanningproject.zipstereo panner

[Uploaded by psi_lus]
alt textpatches in sub-containers that do not save.se1patches in sub-containers that do not save. see accompanying topic.

[Uploaded by davis_salks]
alt textpatchmemlist2bug.se1Possible bug in patchmem list 2 control

[Uploaded by barendbb]
alt textPatchMorpher.se1Pseudo Patch Morpher. 1st Alpha. Only prrof of concept

[Uploaded by unkargherth]
alt textpitchshifter.se1Realtime Pitch Shifting Demonstration

[Uploaded by audioiain]
alt textPlayFromPosition.zipDH_WavePlayer play from sample position example

[Uploaded by dhaupt72]
alt textPrePost-Final.se1Pre-Post-Switch for Containers

[Uploaded by digital2223]
alt textpulse counter.se1Why it returns the wrong count below 6?

[Uploaded by enegwai]
alt textpulse.gate_bar.start.se1Prefab to change the frequency of bar start pulses.

[Uploaded by amirmalarky]
alt textpushbuttons.se1latchable pushbuttons

[Uploaded by warlandr01]
alt textpushbuttons_1.se1[Uploaded by warlandr01]
alt textpushbuttons_2.se1a continuation of warlandr01's pushbutton tutorial file

[Uploaded by laserbeak43]
alt textpushbuttons_2_x4.se14 button version of pushbutton_2.se1 - each button cancels each other

[Uploaded by amirmalarky]
alt textpushbuttons_x5.se15 button panel - pressing one depresses the others

[Uploaded by amirmalarky]
alt textrange_control.se1[Uploaded by chris_b_001]
alt textratio-to-octaves.se1Example of converting a ratio to octaves using standard modules

[Uploaded by audioiain]
alt textReset-problem.jpgFader with reset

[Uploaded by audiosaucer]
alt textretriggerQ.se1mono retrigger example file

[Uploaded by rabb_5m]
alt textRotate_Stitch.jsfMacromedia Fireworks, .jsf script to Rotate and Stitch a knob

[Uploaded by jif3re]
alt textSampler1.se1rudimentary sample patch. Has problems sampling the output of a waveplayer

[Uploaded by rectorcummings]
alt textSamplerloopproblem.se1Sampler patch modified with loop combiner - sampled file does not play back indefinitely

[Uploaded by rectorcummings]
alt textScope for Oscilloscope VST -- uses Matias's ElectroMech skin from Skins section

[Uploaded by dhaupt72]
alt textscreenshot.jpg[Uploaded by orgnyaz]
alt textSE1_13_bug.zipSE 1.13 beta bug

[Uploaded by spice_cake_king]
alt textsimple AGC changed.se1My edit of AGC v2 - notes included in file

[Uploaded by audioiain]
alt textsimple AGC v2.se1Automatic gain control - not finished yet - is the knee efficient?

[Uploaded by audioiain]
alt textSimple Band Pass.se1The filter I needed!!! but so CPU consummig for a little plug like this... I'll clean it!

[Uploaded by carret_manolya]
alt[Uploaded by mbreges]
alt textsquare.se1A square wave made using an envelope as an oscillator

[Uploaded by chris_b_001]
alt textStickGate.zipJoystick gate maker (kind of ...)

[Uploaded by ikaldor]
alt textStickGate2.zipwhile your balls move, gate=10 otherwise gate=0; :-))

[Uploaded by ikaldor]
alt textSwitch(1toMany)-Bool(ControlsOnParent).se1Demonstrates conversion from DSP list selection to bool for controlling "Controls On Parent" pin

[Uploaded by rubik909]
alt textSwitchTriggeredSample.png[Uploaded by rubik909]
alt textTime_to_Voltage_Test.se1Help me figure out why I can't set accurate portamento times with the time/volts conversion formula

[Uploaded by rubik909]
alt texttuner_prob.jpg[Uploaded by nay23b]
alt texttutorial2.pngno sound

[Uploaded by ramike64]
alt textV2Hz.zipconverts V to Hz value

[Uploaded by ikaldor]
alt textWaveformGfx_h.png.zipWaveform graphic for Bitmap Image controls in DH_ControlOverlayDemo.se1

[Uploaded by dhaupt72]
alt textwavemorpher.zipmorphs any 5 different waveforms with one knob

[Uploaded by ikaldor]
alt textwaveswitch.rarfileswitch for waveplayer

[Uploaded by buncanm]
alt textwaveswitch2_dh.rarwaveswitch2 file with up/down buttons

[Uploaded by dhaupt72]
alt textzones.zipFour zone mockup

[Uploaded by rbrooks2006]

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