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alt texta1fc.rarThis is my second synth on my first day as registered Synthedit user, it's fairly brutal, and there are no presets. I created a good song with it, though!

[Uploaded by bachelorherd]
alt textconceptual advancement.se1a conceptual model

[Uploaded by skunkworksben]
alt textDyno.dllMy very first keyboard. I need help with resizing panel...

[Uploaded by amircefo89]
alt textFairytale.dllSynthesizer

[Uploaded by heartofnarinja]
alt textFourier.se1My first program ever. Synthesizes using harmonics. VSTi ready.

[Uploaded by chironex20x6]
alt textKAswitch2V2a.se1Stereo audio switcher

[Uploaded by bucodi]
alt textmothman_1000.se1This is my first synth with synthedit called mothman_1000. Its analog / PD synthesis. Fairly simple, but has 24 presets, and cabible of some good tones. Working on a better skin.

[Uploaded by shulaka1]
alt textmurDeR Machine.se1murDeR Machine - 8-channel drum machine

[Uploaded by Grogmaster]
alt textRobiSynth 0_3.zipRobiSynth 0.3

[Uploaded by helios_das]
alt textstagehand by paul martin.pngMy Solo Artist live on stage player/mixer.

[Uploaded by paul704788]
alt textTest [B 01].se1Simple Soundfont Output Patch

[Uploaded by therearenoidsleftatall]
alt textwaldorf in container.se1Control midi-parameter 69 with synthedit

[Uploaded by jr129s]
alt textyayforfilters.se1A fun filter.. I made something similar at home. Sounds killer on drums.

[Uploaded by twocircuits]

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