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alt text3stateButton.se13 state button with LED

[Uploaded by k9k9dog]
alt textAnimated Button.se1Make animated buttons (instead of two frame buttons) - Download the "gray metaball" skin too to try out this prefab

[Uploaded by matias_monteagudo]
alt textarrows.zipsub-control arrows

[Uploaded by mbreges]
alt textbuttons.zipStepped and click buttons with a hint. No graphic files used.

[Uploaded by mbreges]
alt textcopy_values_v1.1.se1copying values from knob to knob

[Uploaded by mbreges]
alt textdisplay slider 2.zipThis is an update of the display slider that allows manual override of programmatic events (try using the mouse on the slider while display is set to animate the control :-)

[Uploaded by bjoern_nesby]
alt textdisplay slider.zipDisplay Slider is a two-way control (allows you to set it's value programmatically). Needs some KDL+DH modules in order to work

[Uploaded by bjoern_nesby]
alt textEVM_loop_back_switch.se1Slider controlling switch conrtoling slider (looped back)

[Uploaded by evmsynths2000]
alt textfile-browser.zipfile-browser models unsing DH Sub Pack 3

[Uploaded by digital2223]
alt textgraphslider.zipsensitive slider

[Uploaded by mbreges]
alt texthilo_sliders.zipuses dh modules to create two non-crossing sliders

[Uploaded by kff25xo]
alt textpanel selector 270615.se1panel selector with subcontrols -needs DH AND -
made in 1.017, ok in 1.1914

[Uploaded by k9k9dog]
alt textSliders.zipTwo different sliders made with sub-controls: one vertical, one horizontal. They work the same as standard SE sliders, but can be reset, and the text can be modified.

[Uploaded by karlheinznoise]
alt textstop&play.zipsimple transport panel

[Uploaded by mbreges]

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